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Year 6 

I hope this page provides you with lots of information about what we've been busy doing in school. 

Keep an eye on our 'Breaking News' section to see what's new on our page!

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Breaking Y6 news...

**We won! **

Year 6 worked brilliantly as a class and managed to beat Year 5 in our spelling challenge this week. At one point, Year 5 were 400 points ahead of us but we managed to catch up and win by more than 500 points - a super achievement! Thank you to everyone who took part - your accounts have been updated with some extra honey pots! Amelie, Neive and Tabby played the most games and between them, scored a huge number of points which helped us to win. Well done to you!

**Poetry slam**

We have been working hard over the last few weeks studying poetry from WW1 and, more recently, writing our own. Today we held a poetry slam with Year 5 and our Patron of Reading, author Damian Harvey. More than half the class read their poem aloud - well done for overcoming nerves and tummy butterflies! A special mention to Reuben, Ben and Phoebe who were chosen by Damian for writing particularly effective poetry.

Damian mentioned his blog - why not drop him a comment on his latest post? You could tell him about your current book, a favourite book, a favourite author, a favourite poem - anything really! Click here to go straight to the blog page of his website (you don't need to log in):


**Junior Leadership Team**

A new JLT is being formed in the coming weeks. In class, we thought about the qualities a class rep would need and, those of us who thought we might like to put ourselves forward for it, have taken home application forms. These can either be returned to school on Monday or uploaded via Google Classrooms. The deadline is Monday 30th November.

Autumn 2 - The World At War

This half term we are becoming historians! Our topic will be ‘The World at War’ where we will be studying the First World War. We will be learning about what caused The Great War, who was involved and where in the world they came from. We will also find out about the significance of Remembrance Day and think about its relevance today. Along the way, we'll be thinking about food and rationing in WW1, with the opportunity to complete some science experiments involving biscuits and maybe even have a go at making some ourselves! We'll also be finding out about life in the trenches, recruitment and what life was like for children during this time.

Autumn 1 - Window On The World

We're going to be learning all about different regions and countries in our world including Tanzania, the U.S.A, Brazil and several others. We'll be finding out what each region or country is, what it is like, who lives there and how the local people live. We'll be studying the geography of each region or country and hope to produce some beautiful art work. We'll also be thinking about history and politics as we find out about the North Atlantic slave trade and black history.

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