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Year 6

Year 6 

I hope this page provides you with lots of information about what we've been busy doing in school. 

Keep an eye on our 'Breaking News' section to see what's new on our page!

Please let me know of anything you'd like to add.  

Thank you!

Mrs Allen laugh

Breaking Y6 news...

- mailSpelling Shed new lists. You all have lists and assignments on Spelling Shed to help you to practise your 'problem' words from the Y3/4 lists we have been looking at. Good luck!

- mailGeography in the news! There are so many stories in the news at the moment that relate to our topic - have a read of some of the stories below (just scroll down) and tell me about any stories YOU find that you'd like me to add!

- mailReading Stars! I've put a few new books on Rising Stars for you - log in and have a go 

at reading some of the books and the quizzes that go with each book. Your log in should be the same as for spelling shed.

Autumn 1 - Window On The World

We're going to be learning all about different regions and countries in our world including Tanzania, the U.S.A, Brazil and several others. We'll be finding out what each region or country is, what it is like, who lives there and how the local people live. We'll be studying the geography of each region or country and hope to produce some beautiful art work. We'll also be thinking about history and politics as we find out about the North Atlantic slave trade and black history.

Our class readers

We are currently reading this book in English.
We'll also be using this book in English.
This is our daily storytime book.