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Year 6 

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Breaking Y6 news...

- Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely break over the half-term holiday!

- New topic information - Tomb Raiders


Aut 2 - Tomb Raiders


To start the new half term, our topic will be ‘Tomb Raiders’, where we will be studying the achievements of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Our main areas of learning will be: who the Ancient Egyptians were; where they were located and the inventions that improved their daily lives. Furthermore, we will be finding out lots about pharaohs, archaeologists and much, much more. We might even make documentaries about our discoveries! 

Aut 1 - That's Life

Our first topic is called ‘That’s Life’ where we’ll be focusing on Science. We will be learning all about fossils and we’ll be exploring how we inherit characteristics and whether we’re similar to our families. We’ll also be discovering who some of the key figures were in the fields of paleontology and evolution. Finally, we’ll look at how humans change as they age and we’ll be finding out more about how our bodies work - phew! Very exciting!