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Year 6

Year 6 

I hope this page provides you with lots of information about what we've been busy doing in school. 

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Breaking Y6 news...

- Costumes due in next week (w/c Monday 1st July)

- Spelling test and times table test next week.

- Pictures from our Next Steps and Resilience workshop

- Pictures from Magic of Science

Sum 2 - Superheroes

Sum 1 - Ocean Explorers

Our new topic for this half term is Ocean Explorers. During this topic we will be learning about the world's seas and oceans, ocean layers and habitats, animal kingdoms and classification and how animals have developed adaptations to suit their environments.  We are planning on carrying out some exciting artwork - creating our own sea creatures which have adapted to their surroundings. We will also be thinking about how we affect the oceans as we think about some marine environmental issues.

Spr 2 - Building Baghdad

Our new topic will be ‘Building Baghdad’ where we plan to study early Islamic civilization in Baghdad c. AD 900. Baghdad was an amzing place to live around this time and we'll be finding out why it was so important. We’ll be exploring symmetry, shape and pattern in order to create our own Islamic Art and we’ll be finding out about some of the achievements of the early Islamic civilisation. We will also be using our atlas skills to locate Baghdad and The Silk Road and explain why each was so important at the time. We will investigate the buildings, features and layout of ancient Baghdad before working together to build our very own Baghdad.

Spr 1 - Space: The Final Frontier

To start the new year, our topic will be all to do with Space. We plan to explore all things space-related including the Earth, sun, moon, stars and planets. As well as learning about the solar system, we will be finding out how light travels, understand the causes of day and night and the changing seasons, learn about the sun’s positional changes, and find out how we see things. Furthermore, we will plan and carry out a space-based science investigation and, in music, work on performing our own tuned ostinatos and space-related pieces.

Aut 2 - The World At War

Throughout the second part of our autumn term, our topic will be ‘The World at War’, where we will be studying the First World War. History and Geography will be the main areas of learning; we will learn about the causes and alliances of The Great War, the interaction of those countries involved and will produce a timeline of events. We will then be using our knowledge and understanding to write newspaper reports, investigate historical sources and develop our drawing skills.

Autumn 1 - Window On The World

We're going to be learning all about several different regions and countries in our world including Tanzania, the U.S.A, Brazil and several others. We'll be finding out what each region or country is, what it is like, who lives there and how the local people live. We'll be studying the geography of each region or country and hope to produce some beautiful art work. We'll also be thinking about history and politics as we find out about the North Atlantic slave trade and black history. In computing sessions we'll be conducting research, creating ebooks and communicating with Mrs Allen while she's actually in Tanzania - isn't technology amazing?