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Year 6 

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Breaking Y6 news...

- New topic information and pictures.

- Pictures of our DT project in progress...and they’re all finished now!



Our final topic for Y6 will be ‘Eco-Warriors’. We’ve already begun by carrying out a litter pick around school – we were shocked by how much rubbish there is around our environment. We’ll be learning more about raw materials, natural resources and considering how we deal with waste. We’ll also be finding out about different types of energy and we’re hoping to carry out some local human geography fieldwork.

Cracking Ideas

Our new topic is called  ‘Cracking Ideas’ where we plan to become inventors as we come up with our own ‘Cracking Ideas’! We’ll find out about some famous inventors and look into how some everyday machines work. As we investigate how electrical circuits and simple machines function, we’ll be growing in knowledge which we hope will help us to build our own ‘cracking’ inventions! In science, we’ll be investigating parallel circuits and circuits in series and we’ll be using our knowledge to solve problems in circuits. We’ll also be learning to draw complex circuits using the correct symbols. Simple machines are all around us and we use them daily so we’ll be finding out more about these too. In DT, we’ll be working on designing a product and then using our new knowledge to improve and refine it before constructing it as accurately as possible.

Let Battle Commence!

To start the new half term, our topic will be ‘Let Battle Commence’ where we plan to explore the English Civil War. We’ll be learning about the two sides who were fighting and the exciting events that happened around who ruled our country - it promises to be an exciting topic, full of action!

The Commandery served as battle headquarters for the Royalist army before they were defeated so we’ll be travelling back in time to the 17th Century when Worcester witnessed the opening and closing battles of the English Civil War. We’ll be learning of fiery debates, weapons and dank city streets and we’ll be hearing from various characters from the time.

Back in school, we’ll be making some 3D models of characters from the Civil War ‘story’, we’ll be debating whether or not the King should be beheaded and, if we have time, we’ll be learning about the exciting events that occurred in Pudding Lane, London.

Extreme Earth


To start the new term, our topic will be ‘Extreme Earth', during which we will learn about many natural hazards of the world including earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes and what impact these have on different people. 

We will be considering some of the world's most extreme environments: the wettest, the driest, the hottest and coldest and the most dangerous or most unpredictable.  We'll study seven contrasting countries - each subject to natural hazards or home to some 'extreme' environments.

In addition, we'll be learning how to read and create maps - on paper and using ICT - and we'll use longitude and latitude to describe the location of continents, countries and cities in the world. 

Aut 2 - Walk Like An Egyptian


To start the new half term, our topic will be ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’, where we will be studying the achievements of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Our main areas of learning will be: who the Ancient Egyptians were; where they were located and the inventions that improved their daily lives. Furthermore, we will be finding out lots about Pharaohs, archaeologists and much, much more. We might even make documentaries about our discoveries! 


JOIN US! We’d like to invite you to join us at the end of our topic to celebrate our learning on Friday 15th December 2017. We hope to be exhibiting the Ancient Egyptian inventions that we will re-creating during the half-term. There will also be chance for you to make your own Egyptian artefact alongside your child. We'd love to see lots of you there!

Aut 1 - That's Life

Our first topic is called ‘That’s Life’ where we’ll be focusing on Science. We will be learning all about fossils and we’ll be exploring how we inherit characteristics and whether we’re similar to our families. We’ll also be discovering who some of the key figures were in the fields of paleontology and evolution. Finally, we’ll look at how humans change as they age and we’ll be finding out more about how our bodies work - phew! Very exciting!

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