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Year 5 2015-16

Welcome to Year 5 Class!


I will be constantly filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and much more. Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let me know! Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.





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Year 5 Computing - Class Blog, Wiki and Coding

We have been learning about wikis and have started to create our own. We will develop our skills throughout the year and learn about responsibly changing and adding to each other's wiki entries. Come and explore our class wiki and blog! 

Summer 2 - Eco Warriors

This half-term, we will be investigating and learning about many aspects of sustainability. We will explore the natural world and gain a more in-depth understanding of ecological issues and asking ourselves such questions as "What is climate change?" and "How can we increase sustainability?" We will investigate areas such as fair trade, recycling and water collection and link this with our partnership school, Mabawa in Tanzania.

Summer 1 - In Your Element

This half-term, we will be studying rocks, soil and minerals and setting up a series of experiments to study and investigate their properties. In addition, we will be learning about the Earth’s plates and using a world map to locate trouble hotspots and the natural hazards that are caused by this. We will find out what volcanoes and tsunamis are and will produce diagrams and explanation texts to support our learning and understanding. We will also be studying rivers and tracking them from source to sink, using hydrometry data from the Environment agency.

Spring 2 - Themed Weeks

There will be an exciting series of themed weeks for the forthcoming short half-term. Please check our pages regularly for updates on all the great activities we've been up to. 

Enterprise Week

What an amazing week we've had being entrepreneurs! We learnt all about enterprise and running a business from our surprisingly knowledgeable teacher! We then worked in groups and formed 6 new businesses and then planned and wrote our business plans, including profit and loss accounts using Excel. We then worked brilliantly to produce lots of inspired marketing materials in preparation for the Enterprise Fair. The fair was a resounding success and we made lots of money for charity and for us to reward ourselves for all our hard work. Thank you to all those parents who supported us this week - it was greatly appreciated and the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt so much.  

International Week

We learnt about Russia and the old Soviet States.

OAA Week

The whole of KS2 went on a long walk over the Malvern Hills.

Arts Week

We had the opportunity to play Boomwhackers together as part of a special Boomwhackers workshop and played polyphonic pieces and experimented with harmonies - creating both 'nice' and 'ugly' sounds. We were also visited by a team from The Chase who ran a fun (and noisy!) Samba workshop in the classroom. In addition, we helped to create a whole school piece of art with the help of 'Jon the Potter' from Eastnor Pottery. We can't wait to see the final piece when it's been put together!

Well-being Week

This themed week gave the children opportunity to build confidence and work on developing their self-esteem, self-worth and motivation. We have enjoyed visits from The History Man and a circus skills expert. Throughout the week, we appointed VIPs and the week culminated in a tea party celebrating the special individuals who have worked hard all week.

Spring 1 - Walk Like an Egyptian

In this half-term, we will locate Egypt and its key features using both modern and ancient maps and we will be finding out about key characters in Egyptian history. We will become curators as we create Egyptian artefacts and hope to host our own Malvern Parish Museum exhibition. We will also be finding out about Egyptian gods and learning about their beliefs in the afterlife through finding out about the mummification process.

Autumn 2 - A World of Cracking Ideas!

We will come to know and understand the stages of any design and make process, leading to the children’s own inventions. We will learn about the impact of some of the most significant changes in transport and / or technology and investigate and explain how scientific and technological developments affect the physical and living worlds.

Autumn 1 - Order Order!

We have been exploring democracy and recognising issues of justice, rights and responsibilities and considering the impact that discrimination has on people's lives. We are also investigating British democracy and law and learning about The Houses of Lords and Commons, as well as the workings of the British Justice system.