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Year 5

Year 5 have got a busy year planned with lots of exciting things to look forward to. Keep checking these pages for photos of our many adventures, as well as other class news and reminders. Is there something missing? Let me know and I'll be happy to see what I can do.


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Summer 2 - Cartoon Capers


Our final topic of the year will be 'Cartoon Capers' where we will find out about animation, stop motion and all things cartoon related! We will start by finding out about the history of animation and the early origins before having a go at making some of our own simple animation toys. After this, we'll be experimenting with different ways of animating drawings and objects using technology. Along the way, we'll also find out about forces and finish by finding out about the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia.

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Summer 1 - Building Baghdad


Our new topic will be ‘Building Baghdad’ where we plan to study early Islamic civilization in Baghdad c. AD 900. History, Geography and DT will be the main areas of learning, together with elements of the Arts. We’ll be exploring symmetry, shape and pattern in order to create our own Islamic Art and we’ll be finding out about some of the achievements of the early Islamic civilisation.


We will also be using our atlas skills to locate Baghdad and The Silk Road and explain why each was so important at the time. We will investigate the buildings, features and layout of ancient Baghdad before working together to build our very own Baghdad.

Spring 2 - Ocean Explorers


This half term, our topic will be ‘Ocean Explorers’ where we plan to find out about all things sea-related. We will use our atlas skills to locate and label the world’s seas and oceans before moving onto investigating ocean habitats and the creatures that live there. Following this, we will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics. Then we'll be learning about properties of materials, solutions and irreversible changes.

Spring 1 - Space: The Final Frontier


To start the new year, our topic will be ‘Space: The Final Frontier’ where we plan to explore all things space-related including the Earth, sun, moon, stars and planets. As well as learning about our own solar system, we will be finding out how light travels, we’ll try to understand the causes of day and night and the changing seasons, we’ll learn about the sun’s positional changes and we’ll find out how we see things. Furthermore, we will plan and carry out a space-based science investigation and, in music, create our own ostinato using tuned instruments. We hope to celebrate the end of our topic by investigating different aspects of our learning about space and making space-related science projects as part of a science fair. We hope to be able to invite other year groups to our fair but this year, this will be online instead of in person.

Autumn 2 - World at War


This half term we are becoming historians! Our topic will be ‘World at War’ where we will be studying the First World War. We will be learning about what caused The Great War, who was involved and where in the world they came from. We will also find out about the significance of Remembrance Day and think about its relevance today. Along the way, we'll be thinking about food and rationing in WW1, with the opportunity to complete some science experiments involving biscuits and maybe even have a go at making some ourselves! We'll also be finding out about life in the trenches, recruitment and what life was like for children during this time.


On Tuesday 15th December, the children will be making biscuits for the final part of their DT projects. Flour, sugar, butter and eggs will be provided but children will need to bring their own ingredients if they would like to add anything extra such as chocolate chips or other flavourings. They only need to bring enough for themselves.

Autumn 1 - Window on the World


We hope you have had a super summer holiday and are looking forward to the start of the new academic year as much as we are! In Year 5, we will be beginning the year with our new topic entitled ‘Window on the World’ where we will focus on North and South America as well as parts of Africa.


Our main focuses will be Geography, History and the Arts. We will be developing our mapping skills and learning about the key aspects of physical and human geography in Brazil as well as Tanzania. We’ll then investigate the similarities and differences between cities in the UK, Brazil and Tanzania. In addition, we’ll be learning about the slave trade – where it took place and the resulting consequences.

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