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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 2019-20

Year 5 have got a busy year planned with lots of exciting things to look forward to. Keep checking these pages for photos of our many adventures, as well as other class news and reminders. Is there something missing? Let me know and I'll be happy to see what I can do.


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Latest News


  • Meet the Teacher - 11/09/19
  • Please bring in some of family photos for our science work on inheritance
  • New photos in Autumn 1

Supporting your child at home

Autumn 1 - That's Life

Our first topic for Y5 will be ‘That’s Life’ where we’ll be focusing on Science along with elements of the Arts.  We will be learning all about fossils and how they are formed and we’ll discover who some of the key figures were in the fields of paleontology and the Theory of Evolution. After this, we’ll be exploring how characteristics are inherited as we consider how we’re similar (or not!) to our families. Finally, we’ll be thinking about how humans change as they develop and age and how we compare with other mammals. In addition, we’ll be finding out more about how our bodies work – focusing on the heart and our circulatory systems.