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Welcome to Year 5!


I will be constantly filling this page with exciting class news, pictures and clips of things we've done and much more. If you have any ideas for this page, just let me know and I'll try and include them. 

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 Year 5 Breaking News

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Homework and supporting your child at home

Year 5 Class Wiki

We have been learning how to create and maintain our own class Wiki. Whilst doing this, we have been learning how to take responsibility for our actions on-line and make the right choices.  Click here to link to our class wiki page.


Summer 2 - Superheroes!

This half term, our exciting new topic will be "Superheroes!". We will explore perspective to draw superhero cityscapes as well as creating suitable superhero characters and backgrounds for an animated story. We will then use all this to create a stop-frame animation of our superhero stories using the iPads. With reference to real-life heroes, the children will complete a set of "superhero" challenges.


We will also be conducting superhero scientific investigations into the effects of forces and investigating the use of simple machines to overcome these effects. To complete the topic, the children will then research, design, make and evaluate a superhero costume, ready for a "catwalk" in front of their peers!

Year 5 Dance Part 1

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Year 5 Dance Part 2

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Summer 1 - Building Baghdad

To start the new half term, we will be studying early Islamic civilization in Baghdad c.AD900. Using our atlas skills, we will locate Baghdad and The Silk Road and explain why it was so important at the time. We will then investigate the buildings, features, layout and organisation of ancient Baghdad before working together to design, plan and build our own city. During DT sessions, we will research, develop, design and build a functional bridge, together with appropriate technical drawings. Furthermore, we will explore symmetry, shape and pattern to create our own Islamic Art.

Parental Engagement

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Spring 2 - Blistering Barnacles!

This half term, we plan to explore all things sea-related including habitats, adaptations of sea creatures and marine environmental issues.  We will use our atlas skills to locate and label the world’s seas and oceans before moving onto investigating ocean habitats and the creatures that live there. After that, we will be identifying how animals are suited to their environment and then we’ll be making our own ocean creature with its own adaptations. Following this, we will be describing how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics. Finally, we will be creating documentaries to raise awareness of various marine environmental issues.

Spring 1 - Space: The Final Frontier

During this half term we will be exploring all things space-related including the Earth, sun, moon, stars and planets. As well as learning about our own solar system, we will be finding out how light travels, understand the causes of day and night and the changing seasons, learn about the sun’s positional changes, and find out how we see things.


We will plan and carry out an exciting space-based science investigation and finish our stimulating topic by working in small groups to investigate and make space-related science projects. We'll then share these with the rest of the school and our parents at a Science Fair towards the end of the half term.

Wow! Check out this website to discover (and be in awe) of the sheer scale of the Universe. Scroll in and out and click on the objects to learn more about them.

Please watch our Spark Videos about our Science Fair Experiments.

Autumn 2 - The World at War

During this half term we will be studying The First World War. We will learn about the causes and alliances of The Great War, the interaction of those countries involved and produce a timeline of events. We will then be using our knowledge and understanding to write newspaper reports and research persuasive techniques that were used to encourage men to sign up to fight for their country. We will also investigate the roles of those left at home and how they contributed towards the war effort. In addition, we will research with greater detail specific roles, both on the battle field and home front, using a variety of sources. Using our knowledge, we will write character profiles, diaries and letters as a character from the time; considering changing emotions and characteristics as the war progressed. 

Year 5 Assembly Montage

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See Assembly page for more pics and videos of our singing!

Autumn 1 - Window on the World

In this half term, we will be developing our mapping skills and learning about the key aspects of physical and human geography in South Africa. We’ll then investigate the similarities and differences between cities in the UK and South Africa. In addition, we’ll be considering the impact that apartheid and discrimination had on people’s lives through learning about the influence that Nelson Mandela had pre-apartheid South Africa. 



Friendship Week

Letters and Administration

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