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Year 4

We're very happy to welcome you all back to Year 4! We have lots planned and a busy, exciting year to look forward to. We'll use these pages to share any class news and reminders as well as photos of learning adventures. Keep checking back for updates. If there is anything you feel is missing that you'd like us to add please let us know and we'll be happy to see what we can do.


Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Little & Mrs Worsley smiley

Window On The World

We'll be starting Year 4 by developing our mapping skills and learning about key aspects of physical and human geography in Africa. We'll find out all about different climates, describe climates of Africa and compare these with other continents. As the term progresses we will research the Kalahari Desert and the countries it covers. We'll learn what it's like to live in the desert by researching the people that live in and near it and examining how it affects their lives. We have planned some exciting art sessions which will develop our skills in using pencils, oil pastels and watercolours before producing our own desert landscapes. We'll also be exploring Khoisan paintings and rock art as inspiration for our own Kalahari animal artwork.


We have started to explore the Meerkat Mail book. Today we made predictions by looking at the cover and once we read it made notes about what we now know.


My predictions about the book are...


Now I have read the book I now know...


You can watch the clip below to listen to the story.


You can also have a go at drawing Sunny! (Second clip!)


Emily Reads. . . Meerkat Mail

This is my book Meerkat Mail.

Here is a PowerPoint revisiting numbers to 1000, like we have done in class, you are welcome to have another go!

Emily Draws. . . Meerkat Mail

Hi, In this video I'll show you how I draw Sunny the Meerkat from my book Meerkat Mail