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Welcome to Year 4 2019-20


I will be constantly filling this page with exciting class news, pictures and clips of things we've done and much more. If you have any ideas for this page, just let me know and I'll try and include them. 

Thanks! Mr Hart and Mrs Fletcher smiley

- New pics - Inter House Sports

New pics - Sharing Parish Projects Homework

- New clips - Acting out The Trojan War story!

- New pics - Open the Book

- New clips - Learning clarinets!

- New pics - RE photos

- Homework and supporting your child at home


Year 4 will be performing a Christmas Clarinet Concert on Monday 16th December at 2:45 pm to demonstrate all our hard work this term learning the clarinet. We'd love you to join us then and look forward to your support in celebrating our fantastic achievements so far!

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Homework and supporting your child at home

Staying Safe Online and Keeping Yourself Safe at Home


Sometimes things happen online that make us feel worried, scared or upset. Whatever has happened, it is not your fault. The best thing to do is tell an adult you trust what has happened and how you are feeling. They will be able to help you. Go and investigate this website for lots of helpful advice. If you've any questions or worries, come and speak to me. Mr Hartsmiley

Autumn 2 - Bright Lights, Mad Sounds!


To start the half term, our topic will be "Bright Lights, Mad Sounds!" where we'll study light, sound and electricity. We'll be learning about how we need light in order to see things and how light is reflected from surfaces. Additionally, we will investigate how shadows are formed and carry out our own scientific investigation into how shadows change. Furthermore, we'll be learning about how sounds are made and how they travel through the ear, presenting our findings in imaginative ways. We'll then investigate pitch and volume, explaining how to change the pitch of an instrument and how distances affect the volume of a sound. Finally, we'll learn how circuits are formed, and making and drawing our own circuit diagrams using scientific symbols. In DT sessions, we'll apply our learning to make a willow Christmas tree lantern with a light circuit. 

Autumn 1 - It's All Greek To Me


We will start the year with our new topic entitled ‘It’s All Greek to Me’, when we'll explore the Ancient Greeks and their culture, as well as some comparisons to modern day Greece. 

To begin, we will be developing our mapping skills and learning about the key aspects of physical and human geography in Ancient Greece. We’ll then investigate and report on the similarities and differences between democracy in Ancient Greece and the UK today. 

Furthermore, we will be exploring the historical importance of Ancient Greece to the Olympic and explain how the Olympics has changed over time. In DT sessions, we will investigate Ancient Greek architecture and art and use this knowledge to design and make our own Greek columns.

Letters and Administration