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Y6-Y7 transition info

Transition to high school – Y6 into Y7

As you know, in September you will all be heading off to your new schools. For lots of Y6 children this is usually an exciting time but a time when lots of children feel nervous. And this year will be just the same – except that lots of the usual transition activities can’t happen at the moment. Usually, you would be going to open mornings or open evenings, spending time during the day at your new school and meeting your new form teacher and new classmates.


Despite this, there are some things that you can do to help yourself to get ready for the move up to high school. You can have a think about the things that are making you feel a bit nervous or a bit worried and you can talk about those things. I bet you a million pounds (don’t hold me to it though!) that you are not the only person feeling like you do or thinking about the questions that you have. Will I get lost? Will I make friends? What will my teachers be like? Will the older students be kind to me? Where will my locker me? What if I forget my lunch? All these questions – and lots of others are COMPLETELY normal!


I'll be suggesting various tasks over the next few weeks but you can begin to prepare yourself by looking at the transition information your schools have provided. Click into the relevant folder above...