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Understanding Maths at School - Help and Advice for Parents


Bewildered by all the terminology your child uses when discussing learning maths at school? Terms like place value, partitioning, part-whole models, Base 10, representations, exchanging, bar models, chunking? Maths teaching has undeniably changed since we were at school and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up-to-date with modern teaching methods. Well don’t worry, help is at hand! Just click the image to take you to a series of short clips, which will give you an introduction to place value, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. I hope you find them informative and useful. Enjoy! Mr. Hart smiley

Telling the time - we'd appreciate your help and support at home!


I have created a document (Telling the Time PDF), which outlines Year 2 expectations from the National Curriculum and the six basic steps in order to achieve this. In addition, I have attached some worksheets (differentiated) for each step if you’d like to assess how your child is getting along. I can also provide supplementary sheets if you require – just contact me directly and I’ll be able to deal with your requests accordingly.


I have also included Year 3 curriculum objectives for the unit Time, so you can see where your child should be by the end of the year. There is obviously no need to try and teach this, as that is what we’ll be doing in class later this year (though if you’d like to challenge your child further, that would be extremely beneficial and greatly appreciated).

Practising Maths at Home - lots of practical ideas and explanations for children (and adults!)

Maths at Home - Advice for Parents

Maths Shed is not only a great tool for practising times tables, it provides opportunities to consolidate number bonds, addition and subtraction, and powers of 10. Choose a list from the Maths Shed site using your login details.