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Before we finished, we were taking inspiration from a range of books to write setting descriptions of volcanoes, mountains or storms. Maybe you could have a go at writing a setting description for another extreme environment? Or could you write a story based around your chosen environment?

Further Work

Ideas for what you could be writing:


  • A story from your own imagination
  • A story inspired by a picture - have a look at for inspiration!
  • A new chapter for a book that you are reading
  • A diary based on your day yesterday
  • A letter to/from a character in your current story book
  • Anything else that takes your fancy!

Ideas for what to search for on IXl or Twinkl:


Punctuation and grammar skills: Spelling:


  • main and subordinate clauses
  • relative clauses
  • fronted adverbials
  • modal verbs
  • expanded noun phrases
  • using a range of punctuation to include:
    • full stops
    • capital letters for sentences, initials and proper nouns
    • exclamation marks for exclamatory sentences or surprise
    • question marks
    • apostrophes for possession and contraction
    • commas for lists, parenthesis, fronted adverbials and clauses
    • inverted commas for speech
    • brackets and dashes for parenthesis
  • beginning to use colons and semi-colons
  • Year 3 and 4 Statutory Words
  • Year 5 and 5 Statutory Words
  • Suffixes
    • -cious/-tious
    • -cial/-tial
    • -ant/-ance/-ancy
    • -ent/-ence/-ency
    • -able/-ably
    • -ible/-ibly
  • words containing 'ough'
  • words using ei after c
  • words with silent letters
  • homophones