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Upcycling DT project

We've been learning all about what our clothes are made from and how they are manufactured. We've been shocked and saddened by the very, very low pay, horrid working conditions and child labour that is often hidden behind the clothes that we wear.


We've also found out about landfill, how local landfill sites are rapidly filling up and how long various items taken to decompose.


All these things have lead us to reconsider how often we buy new clothes, how grateful we are for all the clothes we have and how we shouldn't just throw old clothes away. So...we're making our own clothing range of upcycled clothes - using old curtains, pillowcases, t-shirts, jeans, leggings and even tea towels! We've looked at how our clothes are made and what makes them attractive and/or practical and we've planned what we want to make. At the moment, we're busy making our clothes but soon our families will be coming into school to watch our fashion show!


For now, have a look at the photos of us busying ourselves in the upcycled fashion industry...