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Summer 2 - Superheroes

In our final half term, our topic will be Superheroes! This is mainly a DT-based topic, in which we will be creating our own plasticine superheroes, designing our own shoebox setting and using these to create a stop frame animation. Later in the topic, we will be using our old clothes and fabrics to design and make superhero costumes of our own! This is a very busy term for us including lots of taster days, athletics day, Lifepath and lots more! Keep your eyes peeled for some photos of our exciting experiences!
In PE, our topic has been outdoor and adventurous activities. We've been  building on our value of trust and guiding each other around obstacle courses with blindfolds on!

We were lucky enough to be invited to take part in an RE debate. We had to argue against the idea that 'Charity begins at home'. We spent many hours developing our ideas and writing our arguments. We then voted for the four children we thought would best represent our class and present our ideas. Have a look at a couple of photos below...

In June, we spent a fantastic day at Lifepath at the Priory. We took part in some brilliant activities, including medieval medicine, medieval kitchen, calligraphy, bell ringing, prayer journey and monk's life. Have a look at some photos below...
Here are some photos from when we created our stop frame animations!
Athletics Day!
Taster Day at Dyson Perrins 

Website link for creating your own comic strip: