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Summer 1

Parental Engagement


A huge thank you to everyone that made it along to our afternoon of displaying our work!

Clay Work


We worked with clay to design our own Roman pot. We looked at different designs and decided on the best design to create it. We got very messy but had a lovely afternoon. Keep an eye out for them at parental engagement next week!



We have been practising our coding skills using Espresso. We have had to learn a variety of skills to move towards programming our own game.

PE with Miss Hopkinson


We have been developing our athletic skills with Miss Hopkinson. We've been practising running, jumping and throwing in lots of different ways.

Lions' Den Trading


We learnt about some of the most popular commodities in Roman Britain. We looked at what they could be used for and why the Romans were so interested in what Britain had to offer. As a class, we were divided into tribes and each tribe had a valuable commodity to trade. We had to try and convince the  very grumpy and miserly Roman leaders that they should buy our tribe's material instead of anyone else's!

Maths Treasure Hunt


In Maths this week we've been learning about time. On Friday we did a treasure hunt in the playground looking for different clues. To find the answers we had to figure out the time questions and then pick the right letter. Once we'd chosen all the letters they spelled out a sentence! We didn't get to finish our treasure hunt as there was sudden downpour of hail but we had lots of fun out in the playground.

Trip to Corinium Museum, Cirencester


On Monday, we visited the Corinium Museum and learnt all about the Romans. We found out about daily life, mosaics, food, clothes and games. We had the chance to explore the museum and learn lots more ready to explore our topic for the rest of the half term.

Roman Mosaic


We looked at Roman mosaics and had a go at creating our own. We designed our patterns using grids and then had a go at making them using collage. We experimented using patterns, pictures and colours.



In our Science lessons with Mrs Beatty, we've been learning all about plants. We went into the playground and investigated what plants we could find and what parts of them we could name.

Under Attack!


During the summer term, our topic will be ‘Under Attack!’, which is a study of life in Roman Britain. The children will begin by studying maps of the Roman Empire before we focus on the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain. We will explore life in Roman Britain through drama, art and research.