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Suggested learning for this week

Suggested Learning for Summer 2, Week 7. 


Monday 13th July 2020

English - Reading Comprehension 


Read the text about Roald Dahl and answer the questions. There are 3 different text and question sets about the same subject. They are marked with * ** or ***

*= easiest

** = a little harder

*** = hardest

Choose the one which you think is right for you.


If you’d like some more to do try out this wordsearch or crossword from Twinkl as it’s the last week of term we’ve also attached some colouring sheets.

Other - Art


This week we are having an art week.


In today’s lesson we will learn about texture and collect rubbings of textured objects to make an artwork.


Tuesday 14th July 2020



Add and Subtract Capacity




Book review


Yesterday’s comprehension was about one of Mr Bream and Mrs Little’s favourite authors. We were wondering who your favourite authors are and what books you have been enjoying recently.


Today we’d like you to write us a book review of the best book you’ve read in year three. It would be great if you could put these on the blog to share with next years class.


Other - Art


In this lesson we will first learn how to use our pencil to create interesting textures before creating a drawing of a view from a window.



Wednesday 15th July 2020

English - Spellings 


Log into Spelling Shed and open the End of Year 3 Spellings list.  Test yourself on a range of spellings that we have had since September.     


If you’d like some more to do why not try some of our Roald Dahl challenges!


Other - Art


In this lesson we will look at an Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional. If you look on Year 5’s blog page you will see some great examples.

Thursday 16th July 2020



Y3 Memories


We’ve reached the time of year where we look back and reflect.


Today we are going to think back over the time we had in Year 3 and write down our memories. It could be your best bits, funny bits or things that have really stood out. Usually, in school, we keep these for your folders but as you’re not all here we’d really like it if you could email us or put it on the blog so we can copy it and still put it for your folders for Y6. To help you out we have made a sheet you could fill in or you can come up with your own ideas and design your own.

Other - Art


How many circular objects can you think of? You will use your imagination and creativity to beat this challenge!

Friday 17th July 2020



Friday Maths Challenges





Letter to your year 4 teachers


Yesterday we looked back so today we are going to look forward to a fresh start in September.


We’d like you to finish the term by writing a short letter to your new teacher, Mrs Fletcher, to tell her all about you and what things you are looking forward to next academic year. You could include things that you want to get better at or want to know more about.


We’ve attached a sheet from Twinkl to give you some guidance but you can design your own, illustrate it or type it straight onto the blog!

Other - Art


In this lesson we will learn about automatic drawing and create our own abstract artwork.