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Spring 2 - Building Baghdad

Building Baghdad

Our new topic will be ‘Building Baghdad’ where we plan to study early Islamic civilization in Baghdad c. AD 900. Baghdad was an amzing place to live around this time and we'll be finding out why it was so important. We’ll be exploring symmetry, shape and pattern in order to create our own Islamic Art and we’ll be finding out about some of the achievements of the early Islamic civilisation. We will also be using our atlas skills to locate Baghdad and The Silk Road and explain why each was so important at the time. We will investigate the buildings, features and layout of ancient Baghdad before working together to build our very own Baghdad.

In English, we ave been learning about the past perfect and past progressive tenses. We applied our learning to our book - 1001 Arabian Nights - we have really enjoyed this book so far!

Tanzania/Arts Week

During this week, we've been inspired by the music of Rimsky-Korsakov, who composed a piece called 'Scheherazade'. We listened to some other Middle Eastern music throughout the week and learnt a new tune named 'Ode to Scheherazade' composed by Mrs Allen and Miss Dyer. Some of us brought in our instruments from home and shared those too - it was fascinating to learn about everyone's musical talents! Here are some photos from the week and a video of our final performance...

Ode to Scheherazade

Still image for this video