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Spring 2

Let Battle Commence!

To start the new half term, our topic will be ‘Let Battle Commence’ where we plan to explore the English Civil War. We’ll be learning about the two sides who were fighting and the exciting events that happened around who ruled our country - it promises to be an exciting topic, full of action!

The Commandery served as battle headquarters for the Royalist army before they were defeated so we’ll be travelling back in time to the 17th Century when Worcester witnessed the opening and closing battles of the English Civil War. We’ll be learning of fiery debates, weapons and dank city streets and we’ll be hearing from various characters from the time.

Back in school, we’ll be making some 3D models of characters from the Civil War ‘story’, we’ll be debating whether or not the King should be beheaded and, if we have time, we’ll be learning about the exciting events that occurred in Pudding Lane, London.