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Spring 1

To start the new term, our topic will be ‘Extreme Earth', during which we will learn about many natural hazards of the world including earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes and what impact these have on different people. 

We will be considering some of the world's most extreme environments: the wettest, the driest, the hottest and coldest and the most dangerous or most unpredictable.  We'll study seven contrasting countries - each subject to natural hazards or home to some 'extreme' environments.

In addition, we'll be learning how to read and create maps - on paper and using ICT - and we'll use longitude and latitude to describe the location of continents, countries and cities in the world. 

Market place

As part of our immersion afternoon we used books and information sheets to create a poster about our given country. We then had to 'sell' this information to other groups. Have a look at us in action...

Messy maps

Another part of our immersion afternoon was creating messy maps. We used chalk to draw the seven the playground and then added major geographical features such as mountains and rivers using PE equipment. Here are some of our creations...