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Spring 1

Year 3 Update!


We're really enjoying our Greek topic this half term and have already been really busy. So far we've learnt about where Greece is and what life would have been like for an Ancient Greek. We've used lots of maps to help us and have even written some diary entries as if we were an Ancient Greek!


This week we will be looking at Greek Gods and Goddesses and using some of the myths we've looked at in English to find out more about them and other heroes: We've already had a go at retelling Theseus and the Minotaur!


Over the next few weeks we will look at the origins of the Olympics and start looking at Greek art, architecture and pottery. 


Keep looking back at our page for more updates! There'll soon be some pictures of some Greek prototype pots we're doing this week!

It's All Greek To Me - Spring 1


Our new topic after Christmas will be all about the Ancient Greeks! We will be comparing Greece back then to modern day Greece as well as looking at lots of different areas in more detail. Over the half term we will be looking at daily life in Ancient Greece, gods and goddesses, art and architecture and thinking about the Ancient Greek Olympics with the 2016 Rio Olympics in mind.


We will be doing lots of fun activities and we look forward to find out all about these ancient people!