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Use this page to find fortnightly spelling lists and spelling rules for you to practise at home.


Spelling tests will usually be every other Monday. Spelling tests will test the fortnightly spelling lists and strategies for learning will be taught during lessons.

Summer Term Spellings

Spring Term Spellings

Autumn Term Spellings

Week set: 27th November

Test: 11th December


difficult, disappear, early, eighth, enough, exercise, experience, experiment


Week set: 13th November

Test: 27th November


reappear, rebuild, redo, return, mishear, misbehave, misread, mistake


Week set: 30th October

Test: 13th November


certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different


Week set: Half term spellings

Test: 30th October


there, they’re, their, to, too, two, where, wear


Week set: 9th October

Test: 20th October


breath, breathe, build, business, calendar, caught, centre, century


Week set: 25th September

Week test: 9th October


accident, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle


Week set: 11th September

Week test: 25th September


unhappy, unlucky, undo, undress, dislike, disagree, disappear, disobey