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As part of the primary curriculum, we have lists of words the children have to be able to spell correctly by the end of year 1. This isn't just for a test, the children will need to be spelling these words correctly in all areas of writing. A copy of the list of words can be found below.  


In year 1, the children will have 5 new words to learn each week. These are called 'common exception words'. This means that they are tricky to sound out or don't follow the phonics patterns that we have learnt.  As the year progresses, the children will also have spellings to match the spelling patterns we have learnt in our phonics lessons. 


Try to practice the words for about 5 mins every day. There are lots of different ways you can do this. 

A great way to practice the spellings is to play on Spelling Shed!

The children will have a log in and password attached to the front of their reading record book.