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Use this page to find spelling lists and rules for you to practise at home.


 In Year 3, children are expected to be able to spell all of the year 1 and 2 common exception words, as well as being able to apply their knowledge of spelling patterns in their writing. They should be beginning to spell the Year 3/4 words and patterns correctly in their writing.

Which spellings should you be practising this week?

Spelling Shed

How will spelling be assessed?


Children will be assessed on their spelling weekly.


On Week A, the children will be tested on a set of words that have been sent home for practise and these scores will be recorded. Please support your children to learn these words at home. The children's spellings will be glued near the front of their spelling book. The children will do their spelling test in the back of their spelling book so that you can see how they got on with their spellings when they bring their book home.


On Week B, the children will test each other on words from their personal spelling lists. These are words that your child finds particularly tricky to spell. These tests will be informal and scores will not be recorded.


The children need to learn their spelling words to use in their writing so at times they will be tested on words they have had previously to help them to keep the words fresh in their memories. This may sometimes be at other times to their usual spelling test or in addition to words they've been asked to learn. The intention of carrying out testing in this way is that children become better spellers and won't just learn words for a test without applying their learning.


Children should have their spelling book in school every day.


Why should children practise their spelling?

As part of the new primary curriculum, the government have placed an increased emphasis on being able to spell well. Spelling must be accurate in all lessons (including in English, Maths and Topic), in the children's independent written work as well as in spelling tests for children to meet the expected standard.

Summer spellings

Spring Spellings

Autumn Spellings