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Year 2 Spellings

In Year 2 there is much more of an emphasis on spelling words correctly. Children will still be encouraged to use their phonics skills to help them to sound out words, however they will also be learning about spelling patterns, suffixes and common exception words. By the end of the year children are expected to be able to spell all of the year 1 and 2 common exception words as well as being able to apply their knowledge of spelling patterns in their writing. 


The children will have a new set of between 5 and 12 spelling words to learn every week. Please support your children to learn these words at home. The children will write their new spellings into the front of their spelling book and bring them home. They will do their spelling test in the back of their spelling book so that you can see how they got on with their spellings when they bring their book home.


They will need their spelling book in school EVERY day as we will be using them to support our spelling work throughout the week. 


The children need to learn their spelling words to use in their writing so at times they will be tested on words they have had previously to help them to keep the words fresh in their memories.


We are having a go at lots of different strategies to help our spellings this year at school. You can encourage your child to use these strategies at home too. Have a look at the documents below for ideas. 


You could encourage your child to put some of their spelling words into sentences. This will help them to remember to use their spellings when they are writing sentences in other contexts. It can also be helpful to work out the meaning of words. 


Spelling Summer Term 2