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Spellings will be tested weekly. Children will be expected to include an increasing number of these words in their written school work. By Year 6, it is expected that all Year 3 and 4 words are now being spelled correctly with very few errors - I have collated the National Curriculum rules and word list and it is available below. On this list you can see which are the Y3/4 or Y5/6 words.


Children are able to use word mats, dictionaries and classroom resources to support their spelling during class work but not during spelling tests.

Spelling patterns we're learning now:

1) Homophone words

Click here for BBC homophone video 1

Click here for BBC homophone video 2

2) A big (and continuing) focus on the Y5/6 statutory words


Our test this week, and in following weeks, will be on words from our personal lists, the Y5/6 statutory words and words that we've learned during Y6.

Spelling patterns we've worked on this year:

Prefixes: aero-  aqua-  auto-  bi-   semi-   super-   tele-   trans-   

-cial / -tial


-cious and -tious



-ibly and -ably

-ible and -able


Of course, we're always working on the statutory word list too.

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