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Science Week

Year 3 are so excited about Science Week! Many of the children had suggested ideas about what they wanted to learn about either by posting on our class blog or by telling me in person.

Learning log - floating challenge
Today we kicked off Science Week with our Learning Log which was a floating challenge - we had great fun trying to see how much weight each person's vessel could hold before sinking! We had some fantastic entries and the children had used a wide variety of materials to create their boats - from washing up bowls and plastic punnets to wooden rafts!

Come back later in the week to see which two children won the Year 3 prize!

Soils investigation / Electricity Conductivity investigation
Years 3 and 4 mixed themselves up this afternoon to take on some investigation work. Half of each class worked together. Mrs Allen's group investigated which soils would drain the best and Miss Portman's group investigated which materials conducted electricity.

Science Circus
Years 3 and 4 spent the whole of Tuesday afternoon carrying out a whole range of mini science investigations. We had a fantastic afternoon and discovered just how exciting and interesting science is!

Experiments that were particular favourites with our class included:
- A balloon rocket (thinking about forces)
- A re-appearing coin (thinking about how light travels)
- An unsolved signature forgery crime (learning about chromatography)
- A milky soapy potion (using household liquids to generate a fantastic chemical reaction)