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Rugby Tournament May 2017

There were a lot of nervous faces at Malvern Rugby Club on Friday morning - it was a rainy, wet morning, and we had lots of new tag rugby players who were feeling a bit worried about the 7 matches they were going to play today. Luckily, Mr Holden arrived for a bit of last minute rugby training and then we were ready to play. 17 year 5s and 6s were playing in two teams, so teamwork was going to be a really important part of the day.


In the first round of the tournament both teams finished in the top two in their groups, so progressed to the 'Trophy Competition'. This was going to prove to be really tricky. By lunchtime, we had a few niggling injuries and some very tired children. Despite the fact that tag rugby is a non-contact sport, it is still very physical.


Throughout the afternoon, both teams played four matches each, and managed to win against some really tough opposition. In the end, Mr Holden's team finished in 6th place out of 32 teams, with Mr Jukes' team finishing in 12th place. The children should all be very proud of the final results and with how they took part. We finished the day in the sunshine with very muddy clothes and very happy faces.