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The children will be given 2 books.

One book will be colour banded and also marked with a letter. This is their phonics book. The words in these books will match the phonics the children are currently working on in the class. The children will be assessed at regular intervals and moved accordingly to match their knowledge of phonemes. 

The other book is just colour banded and has a mixture of language and vocabulary the children will encounter. Again, the children will be assessed and the books will match their current reading levels.


It is essential that the children read daily at home and we expect the children to read their books 3 times.  The first time will give children the practice of sounding out unfamiliar words, blending and reading. The second time of reading the children should be practicing their fluency, reading the words quicker as they have already sounded them out.  The last time of reading the children should be able to think more about the story. You can chat about what has happened and ask the children questions to see if  they have understood the story. 

You need  to record that the books have been read 3 times in the reading record book. Only then can the children change their books.  The children are encouraged to change their books independently.  This usually happens before the register in the morning (between 8.45 - 8.55), so make sure you are at school with plenty of time if the children need to change their books.  


Please make sure the children always have their reading books in their book bags. We have some lovely volunteers who read with the children, so it is important they have their books with them.


We also have a book list here for you to look at, to give you ideas for great readers!


Books for Year 1

These are books chosen for Year 1. They are all wonderful books and through the year we would encourage you to read these books with your child. We have them in the classroom, or they make wonderful Christmas Gifts!