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In year 2 we work on building the children's fluency and reading speed so that they are less reliant on their phonics skills to decode every word. The children are also expected to show a good understanding of what is going on in a book. At home you might want to ask questions about the characters, the setting and the layout of a book. There are some documents below that may help you when questioning your child at home. You will also find a question bookmark in your child's reading record book. 

Your child will now be bringing two books home to read. They are expected to read with an adult daily, even if it is only a few pages of their book. We are advising that children read each book 3 times. This will allow them to build confidence reading the words, which will therefore build their reading fluency.  It will also enable them to show a greater understanding of what they have read by answering questions, retelling a story or exploring the meaning of new words. These are all essential skills in the KS1 curriculum. For each of the 3 times you read the book with your child, please add your comments to their reading record book. They will then be encouraged to choose a new book to bring home and share with you. For more information on our reading system please have a look at the reading letter below. 

In year 2 the children will also get their first opportunity to use the school library. We will use the library every Wednesday and the children can choose one book to scan out and read at home. The book will need to be returned in order to borrow another book. The children really do enjoy this experience. We will be starting this in the spring term.


Year 2 Reading Books

These books are recommended for year 2 children. They are from Pie Corbett's Reading Spine. We will be setting a challenge for the children to have a go reading them all by the end of the year. There are copies of the books in the classroom for the children to access.