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Keep reading regularly and keep reading a wide range of books. Maybe you could write a book review about what you've read and post it on the blog.

Kensuke's Kingdom


As we were over half way through our class text before we had to finish school, I thought you might like to hear the rest! When we left off, Michael had gone swimming after the man had warned him not to and had been attacked by a jellyfish. It wasn't looking good for Michael!

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 10 - Killer Men Come


  • Why do you think the chapter is called “Killer Men Come”?
  • Why doesn’t Kensuke light the fire when he can see the first boat on the horizon?
  • After the fire is lit, what is special about the second boat Michael spots?
  • Why does Kensuke decide to stay on the island?
  • Describe Michael’s reunion with his family on pg. 160. How do you think each character was feeling?
  • Had Michael’s parents given up on ever finding him?

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 9 - The Night of the Turtles


  • Why doesn’t Kensuke want to leave the island?
  • Why is Kensuke upset with Michael?
  • Why does Kensuke change his mind about lighting the fire?
  • What was Kensuke surprisingly good at despite being an old man?
  • What new information do we learn about Kensuke?
  • Why does Kensuke wake Michael up urgently in the middle of the night?
  • What shocking decision does Kensuke make at the end of chapter 9?

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 8 - Everyone Dead in Nagasaki


  • What was life like for Kensuke before he came to the island?

  • How does the author show that Kensuke does not speak English fluently?

  • How did Kensuke arrive on the island?

  • How did Kensuke learn to survive on the island?

  • Why does Kensuke not want anyone to come to the island?

  • Why does Michael feel torn over what to do with the bottle?

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 7 - All That Silence Said


  • Why do you think Kensuke kept painting 'Japan trees'?
  • What was Michael teaching Kensuke to do?
  • Why do you think Kensuke has shown Michael the football? How do you think Michael feels about seeing the football again?
  • What do you think will happen with the newly discovered boat?