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RE - Moses

Session 2 - thinking about how Moses’ life showed how following God can bring freedom. We heard about the rest of Moses’ life: how he followed God’s command to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, how he trusted God’s promise to keep them safe as the Red Sea was parted and how he received the covenant from God on Mount Sinai.


We did some more drama today too. We gave Moses and Pharaoh advice during some conscience alley work - have a peak at our video below.  We also created freeze frames to show key themes from Moses’ life. Most groups chose ‘Freedom’ or ‘Suffering’. Have a look at our photos to see our ideas from Moses’ life and the modern day.

Should Pharaoh keep the Israelites as slaves or set them free?

Still image for this video

Freeze frames for ‘Freedom’ and ‘Suffering’.

We've begun thinking about our latest 'big question' in R.E. today. We're thinking about how following God can bring freedom and justice as we study Moses' life in the Old Testament. We imagined what it might be like as an Israelite being forced to work as a slave for the Egyptians  - a few of us got to be questioned in the 'hot seat'! We learned some of Moses' life story and finished with how God spoke to Moses, instructing him to ask the pharaoh to let the Israelites go free. Next time, we'll find out more about the ten plagues of Egypt and about the rest of Moses' life.