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QinetiQ science day

Thank you so much to the QinetiQ team who came in to run some fantastic science and engineering activities with us. We had a brilliant day! Please read some of our comments below and look at photos of our learning!


"I enjoyed Lego robotics because it made me think outside of the 'Lego' and made me think about all of the coding we do..."


"I really enjoyed the rockets because it was really interesting and fun!"


"I really liked the Raspberry Pi activity because I haven't done any coding that opened locks before. We had to code the air locks so they opened. It was a really good experience!"


"Today was really enjoyable because we were taught Science in a fun way..."


"I really enjoyed today because we learned more than 'Science'. In every activity we had to do team-building."


"Today was the best school day ever - we should definitely have QinetiQ back in again!"


"I just liked the whole of today because we got to learn all sorts of stuff, some of which we've learned before. It taught me that anything can be fun!"


"My favourite part of today was the Raspberry Pi activity because I got to interact with something outside of the computer to complete a challenge."

The results...!

Still image for this video