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Playtime Challenges

Playtime Challenges

This is a page full of things for you to have a go at independently if you want to. That means that you do them without an adult if you can. It's important for grown ups to have a rest and a cup of tea too. You know how much Mrs Ferguson loves her cups of tea!  It's also important for you to have some time to play and have fun. 


Construction Challenge:

Another construction challenge this week year 2. Can you build a castle? Will it have turrets? Will it have a door? Will it have windows? Who will live in your castle and what kinds of adventures might they have? It is up to you! 


Alphabet Challenge:

Find something in your home or garden that starts with each letter of the alphabet. For example I might see an apple in the kitchen and write down  a for apple. I wonder if you'll find anything that starts with x or z?


Board game challenge

Create your own board game from a theme of your choice. Add some different questions that people have to answer when they land on each square. They could be quiz questions or you could even put some maths number sentences for them to work out. What about addition or multiplication questions? What about writing some clues on  different squares like this? : I have wings, I am black and white and I live in Antarctica. It's your game so you choose what you want to put on it!  Look below for a grid to get you started. 


Maths Mosaic Challenge:

Work out the multiplication number sentences and colour the boxes in the correct colours. Once you have finished you should be able to see a piratey picture. Click on the document above to download the sheet and print it.


Puzzle Challenge:

I love doing jigsaws at home. Choose a jigsaw that you have at home and complete it. I wonder if you can take a photo of it and pop it on the blog for us to see. If you don't have any jigsaw puzzles at home then click on the link and have a go at some of these jigsaws online:


Singing Challenge:

I love a good singalong and we haven't been able to sing at school for a little while. Have a look at the link below and see if you can join in with some of the songs we usually sing in assembly. You could even teach yourself a new song. What about creating your own actions or dance moves to match each song?


Pirate Outfit Challenge: 

Have a look at this lovely challenge from Jonny Duddle's website. Your task is to colour in the pirate clothes and accessories and then design and draw your very own pirate outfit. If you don't have a printer then just draw your own.


Create a Play Challenge:
Use your toys to create your own play. You could use soft toys, teddies, action figures, Playmobile or Lego people, barbies, dolls or any mix of toys you have. Decide what story your play will have. Will you act out a story you already know? Perhaps you could use one of your favourite stories from school or choose one of the  books you have from home.  You could even use one of this week's story time stories. The other option is to make up your very own story and act it out. 


Natural Art Challenge: 
Have a little look in your garden to see what natural  things you can collect. Ask permission  from  your grown up if you are going to pick any leaves from plants. If you don't have a garden, see what you can collect whilst you're doing your daily exercise out and about. Use all of the treasures you have collected to create your very own arty picture. It could just be a pretty pattern like this:


or you could create a picture of something recognisable like this:



Construction Challenge: 

Use construction you may have at home such as lego, mobilo, k-nex or meccano to build a pirate ship. Can you find something to be your sail? Maybe you can create your own little flag to go on top? Have you got anything you could use as your pirates? Maybe your ship could then sail to a far away land and your pirates could have a little adventure.


Colouring Challenge:
 Ask your grown up to print off one of these pirate colouring sheets. I know lots of you love to do some colouring and there are lots of different choices on these links. If the links don't work then have a look on the class page under 'Suggested work for this week' and I'll pop the downloaded versions on there. If you don't have a printer, create your very own pirate picture and colour it in. 


Treasure Hunt Challenge: 
Create your very own treasure hunt for a brother or sister or maybe even for a grown up when they have finished what they are doing.  

Option 1 is to write a treasure scavenger hunt with a list of tasks to complete. These tasks could be things like: 'Find something shiny', 'Find something purple'. At the end that person will have created their own collection of treasures. 

Option 2 is to make and hide lots of clues around the house to help someone to find the treasure for example: 'Find the next clue where it is comfy to sit' - the clue could be on the sofa. Make sure that your last clue leads to some treasure. Maybe you could make a treasure box full of things you think are treasures to go at the end as a prize.