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Phonics and Handwriting

As we begin to form our letters, we will learn how to form them in the cursive style to support neat and joined handwriting in the future.


As you can see, every lowercase letter will start on the line and will finish with a small flick, often on the line ready for the next letter. Some letters will be quite tricky and making fun games such as drawing on a steamy window or using a stick in the mud or sand will help the children to learn the formation.


Please support your child at home by developing their hand muscles with lots of games that involve a pincer grip, such as building jigsaws, picking up small items such as lego, helping to peg out the washing or creating things using playdough or plastercine! 





We expect all children to be working towards a tripod grasp. 

Cursive letter formation. Can you challenge yourself to have a go without taking your pencil off the paper?

Phonics Fun!