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Phonics is the way we teach children how to read and write. In Reception the children will have learnt the single sounds (phonemes) that the letters make in the alphabet. They have also learnt that some phonemes make longer sounds using 2 or 3 letters together (for example: igh as in night).



In year 1 we have to learn new ways to make the phonemes and there are a few new ones too.  We practice blending them together to read words and segmenting words to write them.



You can help and encourage your children to 'sound out' when reading and get them to tell you different phonemes they can see. 


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Phonics Test

In the summer term, the children will take part in a phonics test. This is a statutory test, and it checks the children have learnt the phonemes taught in Reception and Year 1 and that they can blend these phonemes to make words. 


The test is done in a very friendly way with the teacher and all the children are encouraged to do their best and praised for their hard work. 


Parents will find out the result of the test at the end of year 1.