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Parish Projects Homework

Parish Projects - Have a go Homework! 


The idea of the Parish Projects is to give the children more freedom in choosing how they would like to learn about something.  They can choose what they would like to do and be as creative as they like in how they complete the tasks.


Each term you will have a new grid, linked to the topic we are learning about in class. On the grid you will have lots of different activities to choose to complete for your homework. 

Over the half term you need to pick 2 projects, you can pick more if you like!  They have to be from different coloured areas of learning.  You can present the practical tasks in a number of ways—photograph, drawing, comment from adult etc.  All projects have to be in school on the last Monday of the half term to share with the class.  

If you are using technology, could we please ask that the work is saved to a memory stick to bring into school, or you can email it to me directly, rather than the office.