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School Uniform

Please have a look at the kit list below for everything your child will need for school, including their PE kit. We encourage the children to wear a jumper or a cardigan with a school logo on it, however you may wish to purchase polo shirts etc without the school logo. 

There is the also the option of buying a school rucksack, book bag or PE bag as well as a navy coat or fleece with the school logo (optional only). Your child will need some sort of rucksack to carry their things.

Our School Uniform at Malvern Parish

Our School Uniform at Malvern Parish

Please ensure that you label all clothes and shoes that your child brings to school. There are a range of labels now available from sew on to stick on. An alternative is just to write their name on the label inside with a biro or marker pen. 

It is also a really good idea to practise getting dressed and undressed over the summer holidays. At school the children will be encouraged to put their jumper and coat on and take it off independently.  It is recommended that your child wears shoes with velcro on them until they are able to tie their own shoe laces. 

Here are some examples of our school uniform at different times in the year: