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Our Classroom

Our Classroom and School Learning Environment

Our school is full of different exciting areas where we can enjoy learning and playing. Have a little look at some of those areas here.

Here is our classroom.


Here are our toilets. They are inside our classroom too.













When we first come into school we put our belongings away in the cloakroom.  

Our Pegs

Coats and Bags

Packed Lunches and Water Bottles

We do some of our learning on our very colourful carpet area.

Sometimes we like to snuggle up and enjoy books and stories in our reading garden.

At other times we like to play in our outdoor area just outside our classroom. Here there is sand and water, space to build things, a role play area and lots more! Other times we might go out on the bikes and trikes in our playground. 

We also have a lovely grass area and forest school area where we can play and learn outside.

Our Grass Area