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Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

There are lots of things that you can do during the summer holidays to prepare your child for school.

Snack Mats

You will have been provided with a snack mat which not only has your child’s reception class weather group and house team, but also some photographs of the classroom and your child’s teachers too. The intention is to use the mat at meal or snack times to promote chat about starting school. This enables the children to discuss any emotions they may be experiencing - maybe excitement or butterflies; therefore enabling parents to offer reassurance to their children. In the past, children have shown their snack mat to other important people in their lives such as grandparents or key workers at nursery or pre-school.


The children will have access to toilets within the classroom at any time during the day. Over the summer, you could take the opportunity to encourage your child to go to the toilet independently, to flush the toilet and to wash their hands with soap and water. Mrs Lowndes and Mrs Smith will  continue to support them with this when they start school. 

Getting Dressed

It is a good idea for your child to practise putting their coats and jumpers on and off independently. Each time the children play outside they will be asked to put on their coats.  Shoes and clothes that are a bit different might be a bit tricky at first. Socks are another tricky thing to master too! 

Eating and Drinking

Throughout the school day your child will have lots of opportunities to have a drink or a snack. Practising opening and closing their water bottles,  snack pots and containers can be very helpful. This is also true for any foods that may be wrapped in cling film, foil or sealed in food bags as many children have never had a go at opening these things independently before.  In preparation for school lunch times, they could also have a go at practising using a knife and fork during meal times at home.