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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch


This half term we started by looking at our school community. We thought about who we might find around school and what important jobs they have. We also thought about what we can do to be part of our school community. We were very excited to take part in our vote for the school council and lots of Year 2 children were brave enough to give a speech to the rest of the class about why they should vote for them. 




This lead us to think about who makes important decisions about what happens in Malvern and the rest of the UK. We looked carefully at the wider community and talked about the people who help to run our country. 

Malvern in the past


We have been exploring what our community looked like in the past. The children looked through lots of photographs and looked for clues as to whether the photo was taken in the past or the present. We were all fantastic historical detectives!

The Malvern Parish Big Build!


The children have been busy painting and decorating their new building for Malvern. Don't they look colourful! I would definitely want to come and visit one of these brand new buildings!