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 Mathletes are a weekly quiz which helps the children learn a quick recall of number facts. In year 1 we focus on the number bonds first within 10, then to 10 and beyond.  There are 28 questions on the sheet and the children have 3 minutes to answer as many as they can. The idea is that the children can feel proud of themselves as they see their score improve each week.


The Mathletes sheets will be randomly generated each week.  By doing this we are encouraging the children to learn all of the number bonds. This is a vital skill that will be used throughout their school life.   When they have got them all correct for three weeks they can move up to the next level.  


To help at home look at the number bonds sheet to see how many the children already know by heart. 

There are links to some games you can play on the internet too.

Example of a mathletes sheet