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Learning Logs

Learning Logs

Learning logs are a way for your child to be creative and have fun on a mini project at home. The idea is to use a double page spread to present some information. The children could include flaps and parts that fold out if they need more space.


There is no right or wrong way to do your learning log. Here are some ideas for some of the ways children have presented their work in the past:


write about something

type something on the computer.    

cut out pictures from magazines.  

include photographs

paint something

create a video

cook something

make a model

cut and stick


draw something

make a poster


On the last Monday of every half term the children are invited to share their learning log with their friends and teachers at school. All children get the opportunity to have a look around at everybody's learning log and to chat to Mrs Amott or I about what they have been doing. We look forward to seeing what the children have been doing this half term!