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Learning Log

The children have had their first learning log challenge today (9.1.17) These are a fun and creative way for the children to explore the topic in their own project at home. They will have the whole half term to investigate and create.  They use a double page spread to share information they have found out, through writing, pictures or photographs. If they need more space they can add in extra paper and create flaps or folds.


There is no right or wrong way to do your learning log and the children can be as creative as they like when thinking about how to present their work.  


They could.....

Write something (story, report, information etc)

Create careful drawings and pictures

Use photographs

Be creative using computer, video, sound recordings

Make models, create art work.

The list is endless!


On the completion date the children are invited to bring in their learning log books and share with the class what they have done.  Children are encouraged to look at and find things they like in other peoples work. They can chat to one another and the teachers in the class about thing they have enjoyed doing. 

We always look forward to sharing learning logs!