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Junior Leadership Team 2021-22

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What is the JLT and what do they do?


A Junior Leadership Team is a group of children who are elected by class teachers to represent the views of all pupils and to work together to improve our school. At Malvern Parish, we have two pupils from each class in KS2 who form our Junior Leadership Team. The Junior Leadership Team will meet Miss Hughes at least once a month and discuss issues that are important to the children.

Who are our JLT members?

*Welcome to Molly and Miles, our new Year 3 representatives! Come back soon to find out more about them.*


My name is Nell. I am in Year 4. I like swimming, playing on my iPad and playing with friends. I am excited to be in the JLT because I am excited to help Mrs Parker with some special projects.


My name is Oscar. I am in Year 4. I like to help my friends and am great at football. I am excited to be in the JLT because I want to help Mrs Parker too.


My name is Hugo and I am in Year 5. I like playing rugby, drawing and playing with my dog. I excited to be on the JLT to help with special projects and to help Mrs Parker.


My name is Flo and I am in Year 5. I like drawing, playing video games and finding bugs and animals. I am looking forward to helping with important projects and helping to keep people safe with our e-safety project.


My name is David and I am in Year 6. I enjoy playing football, playing video games and going out for walks. I am excited to be on the JLT to help with important projects.



My name is April and I’m in Year 6. I really like spending time with my family and my friends. I am excited to be a member of the JLT so I can help other people and share my ideas.

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