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Isaac Newton

We've been revising what we know about gravity and extending our knowledge. So far we've learned who Isaac Newton was, that he famously 'discovered' gravity when an apple fell on his head and that units of force called Newtons (N) are named after him. We came to understand that mass and weight are different - that mass is the 'stuff' an object is made up of and is measured in Kilograms, while weight is a force which is measured in Newtons. 


We also learned a little bit about Newton's three laws of motion. For those of you who like to find out more about these, there are three links to BBC video clips at the top of the page.


We conducted our own investigations into this force using spring balances or Newton meters. We measured the weight of various classroom items and recorded the number of Newtons (N) of each.


Some of us, like Mrs Allen, wanted to visit the moon where gravity is only one sixth of that on Earth. This means that a person's weight on the moon is significantly less than on Earth!