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The children are expected to read to an adult at home for at least 10  minutes daily if possible and to regularly practise their personal Maths targets. They will also be given weekly spellings to learn.



Parish Projects….. Have a go Homework

 This year we are introducing homework grids for the children to have a go at. There will  be a new grid for each topic covering 6 different areas of learning. Over the half term you need to pick 2 projects to have a go at, you can pick more if you like!  They have to be from different coloured areas of learning. 


  The children will be given a homework book  to  use if they want to. This is a good place to put any writing projects, graphs, drawings etc. For other projects you may want to make a video, powerpoint presentation or show some photographs. You can put these on to a memory stick  and send them in to the class teacher. You can also present the practical tasks in a number of ways—photograph, drawing, comment from an adult etc.


All projects should be complete by the last Monday of every half term. The children will share their projects with their friends and teachers at school. All children get the opportunity to have a look around at everybody's projects and to chat to Mrs Amott or I about what they have been doing. We look forward to seeing what the children have been doing this half term!