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Google Classroom

Your child has now been set up with a Gmail account, the details of which you will have recently received, and they have now joined our Year 3 Google Classroom. If, for any reason, your child is off school for Covid-19 related issues, the work that they would have been doing in school will be uploaded to this area, rather than the blogging area or be sent by email.

 How to use Google Classroom


How to set up Google Classroom for the first time


1. Access Google Classroom via the following link: or by downloading the app from the app store if using a tablet or mobile device.

2. Google Classroom uses a Gmail account that is assigned to each of the children. You or the children will need to log in to their Gmail account using the email addresses and passwords we have given them (and attached to this letter). Their password should be the same as their EdShed (Spelling Shed and Maths Shed) account.

3. Once you’ve logged in, you should see a coloured box with your year group and 2020-21. It might look something like the picture on the right. You should have the option to ‘join’ or ‘decline’. You need to click join to be accepted into the group.


How to visit Google Classroom in the future


1. Google Classroom can be accessed at any time via the following link: or via the app.

2. Each time you need to access Google Classroom, you will need to make sure you are logged in to your child’s Gmail account to see their correct groups.


 Google Classroom Home Screen


When you access your group, you are taken to a screen which will look similar to the following image. There are two main tabs that you will use: Stream and Classwork. On the app, these are at the bottom of the screen; on a desktop computer, they are at the top.


Stream – Updates appear on this page as new tasks are posted. Children and teachers can also post comments which can be seen by everyone in the group.

Classwork – This is where you will find the tasks and assignments your teacher has set.


How to find your work


1. Click on the ‘Classwork’ tab. You will see that your work is divided into categories.

2. Underneath each category, you will find the tasks that the class teacher has assigned. They might be labelled by day, number, subject or something else.

3. To view a task, click on the title of the activity. This will show you a brief overview of the task and will look slightly different depending on if you’re on a desktop computer or a tablet.


On a desktop, it will look like this:


To see all the details of a task, click ‘view assignment’. This will bring up the full task, instructions and any attached documents.


On a tablet, it will look like this: 






4. You can view any documents or instructions on screen or you can print them off. On a laptop, documents can be found on the right-hand side; on a tablet, documents can be found at the bottom.

5. To return to the classwork screen, click your year group in the top left corner and go back to classwork.


How to send us your work


1. Once you’ve completed a piece of work, you’ll need to send it back to us so we can mark it.

2. Choose the task for which you would like to send us your work and open it up like you did to view it originally.

3. Next to the task, on the right-hand side, is a box titled ‘Your Work’. The option to ‘+ add or create’ is underneath this. This will bring up a range of options.

4. To add a file from your computer or tablet, such as a word document or a photo, you will need to select the ‘file’ option. On a desktop, select ‘upload’ from the top bar and then ‘browse’ and this let you choose your document. On a tablet, you just need to select the relevant option from the menu.

5. Once you’ve chosen your document, click ‘upload’ in the bottom left if it does not automatically attach it.

6. The ‘Your Work’ box will now contain a file. Click ‘Turn it in’ or ‘Hand in’ and this will send the file or photo to your teacher.

7. Teachers will mark your work and then it will be sent back to you with our comments.


How to ask teachers and classmates questions


Throughout Google Classroom are boxes for ‘Class Comments’ and ‘Private Comments’.


  • Class Comments are visible to everyone in the group.  This option might be best for asking other children in your class for help with a task.
  • Private Comments are only visible to the teacher. No one else in the group will be able to see them. This option might be asking questions that you don’t want your classmates to see.