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Please click on the link below for ideas for what you could do at home with your child: 

Please note there is now a new set of spellings for the week beginning 30/3/20. This will be set 6. I have created some games and worksheets to help you to practice these words at home. They are all below. 

This Week


Hi Year 2!

Have you had a good week at home so far? Let me know how you're getting on and what kinds of things you have been doing by leaving some comments on the school blog. The instructions are just above. 


Remember there are lots of things for you to do in the home learning link above but I will set some different challenges each week too. 


Challenge 1 this week is to be a super scientist! Have a little go at some scientific activities. You could have a go at planting something and make a diary of what you notice,  you could go on a material hunt around your home to see how many materials you can spot, you could go on a minibeast hunt in your garden or you could research an animal and it's habitat.  There are also some super free resources on these websites for you to have a look at:



Challenge 2 is to learn about Palm Sunday. We did learn about the story behind this special day at school. Can you remember it? It will actually be Palm Sunday this Sunday (the 5th of April). Have a go at some of the activities on the document below to celebrate and remember. There are also some excellent activities prepared for us by Rev'd Peter Myres on the 'Easter Message' link below.


Challenge 3 is to have a go at being a professional illustrator! Rob Biddulph is a real children's author and illustrator, you may even have some of his books at home. He illustrated Flat Stanley, which a lot of us have read in the classroom as part of our reading challenge. He has created some videos to show children how to draw some of his characters and I think they are fab. Have a little look at some of his videos and see if you can do your very own drawing. I'd love to see them!


I would love to hear about any of the challenges you have been having a go at from home. Either leave a little comment or even pop  a photograph on the blog and then we can all share what we have been up to. 


Have a lovely week!

Mrs  Ferguson



Last Week!



Some people have been taking part in a rainbow trail from their houses. Challenge one this week is to create your own rainbow drawings, paintings or collages to place in your windows. The idea is that when people are out on a walk, they can see how many rainbows they can spot. It will hopefully make others smile and cheer up somebody's day. Maybe we could start our own rainbow trail on our blog page too. If you want to,  you could take a photo of your rainbow picture and add it to the blog so that everybody can see it. 



Challenge two is to remember to stay fit and healthy. Lots of you (including me!) have been enjoying joining in with The Body Coach's (Joe Wicks) workout on YouTube. Ask Mummy or Daddy to help  you to get it set up and join in. He does a workout every week day at 9am. You can watch the videos later in the day too if you miss it. 


Be kind and helpful! The third challenge this week is to see if you can do a kind deed for somebody else. Perhaps you could tidy your bedroom,  play with your toys quietly whilst Mummy or Daddy are working, help with some jobs around the house, play a game with a brother or sister, spend some time with your pet. The possibilities are endless! I wonder what you can come up with?