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Monday 20th April (and onwards)

All of our new daily tasks will be posted in the 'Suggested work for this week' page on our Y6 class page or here. Every teacher will be suggesting activities for their class for English, Maths and....something else! It might be a computing task, a music task, an art task, some cooking or....something else!

We are also all posting our new 'Parish Projects Have-A-Go Homework' grids for the new half term. How many did you manage to complete from last half term? If there are things that you would like to have a go at that I haven't suggested yet, please let me know as I'm always happy to hear your ideas!

There might also be some special guests popping up on that page every now and again - have a peep now!

Easter                                    It’s the Easter holidays! Hooray! I’m sure that many of you will be having a different kind of Easter to how you had planned but it’s important that we stay home as much as we possibly can to keep ourselves, and other people, safe.

You might have plenty planned over the next two weeks to keep you busy but if you need some fun ideas, perhaps you could try some of the activities on the PDF below. There are lots of arty and crafty things, some outdoor things and a couple of more structured things if you want to!


As always, stay safe my lovelies!


Mrs Allen

Hello Y6,

Well, it's been another week - I hope you are all still safe and well.
Well done to those of you who tried to identify my wildlife photos. Here are the answers:
1. Cabbage White butterfly, 2. Peacock butterfly, 3. Daisy, 4. Cherry blossom, 5. Ash tree with distinctive black buds and flowers, 6. Dandelion, 7. Ivy, 8. Goat Willow, 9. Daffodils, 10. Bracket fungus, 11. Pine cones, 12. Forget-me-not, 13. Primroses, 14. Field mushrooms.


This week, I have an 'arty' challenge for you. Can you continue our art work from school and create an 'extreme earth' landscape in the style of David Hockney or Katsushika Hokusai? Here, to remind you, are examples of their artwork. 



Going Up Garrowby Hill
by David Hockney


Please share your creations on the blog. Happy painting!

Mrs Pickering


Don't forget to keep your new writing skills in tip top condition! Writing often will help you to polish the skills we've learnt in Y5 and Y6.

What could you write?

- A story from your own imagination

- A story inspired by a picture - have a look at for inspiration!

- A new chapter for a book that you are reading

- A diary based on your day yesterday

- A letter to/from a character in your current story book

- Anything else that takes your fancy!


Remember to think about these things:

- Who do you think might read your writing?

- What is the reason for writing? To entertain, to inform or to persuade? 

So think about the language you might choose to use.

- Use a variety of sentence openers (not all boring ones and not all adverbials!)

- Use a variety of sentence lengths - some short, some medium and some long.

- Try to use some advanced punctuation.

- Check that you have NOT left any comma splices! These are main clause, main clause and are never allowed! If you have two main clauses, use a full stop or dash or colon/semi-colon instead!


Use your SATs practice books and the past papers you have at home to practise your reading skills and to build your comprehension.

Reading skills include retrieval of facts, inference, predicting, summarising and trying to understand new vocabulary within the context of what we're reading.


Read your own books every day or as often as you can. You can find links to questions that you can discuss during reading here on our reading page. There are also suggestions of books that you can read there too.


Use your SATs practice books and the past papers you have at home to practise your Arithmetic and Reasoning skills.

Maths Shed is useful for practising timestables and for multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000.

IXL UK (Maths pages) has lots of activities that are useful for practising Y6 maths skills.

Spelling and SPAG

Use your SATs practice books, the past papers you have at home and your spelling book to practise your spelling and grammar skills.


Use our 'Spelling' page here to practise all the rules we have learned so far this year (and some new rules that we will come on to before the end of Year 6).


Use Spelling Shed and IXL UK (English pages) for further practice online.

Parish Projects

Complete as many Parish Projects for your year group as you can (more than the usual two that we ask for). These should be bought back to school when we return.



All KS2 children will be able to talk to their teacher and each other.


Their user name is firstname.surname (for example john.smith) and their password is the same as their Spelling Shed account but with a capital letter to start.

Useful websites


Your task today - download this document and work through it! It's a mixture of things and I think it looks fun as well as helping you to practise some of our learning from this year so far! It's got quite a few pages so you might want to just choose a few pages each with a different theme, save some of it for another day or do some of your SATs books instead. I think this looks fun though!



Click on this link to sing and sign along to the new song we have been learning. If you want to learn some more British Sign Language (BSL), there are lots of very good value courses available online. This website has a course that only costs £5 and there are lots of websites (e.g. this one) where you can learn finger spelling for free!


Or perhaps you could learn a spoken language such as French or Swahili using a free app like Duolingo.


For English practice today, try IXL UK English Y6 section C (pronouns) and Maths Y6 section X (measurement).

Wed - nes - day  (always a tricky one to spell!)

Why not do something kind today for someone? Send them a homemade postcard or a nice card with some kind words just to let them know you are thinking of them. You could pop the letter in a postbox when you go out for your daily exercise. If you'd like some inspiration, I found some interesting ideas here and here. You could take a photo of what you made and share it on the blog to inspire others.




Today's theme is 'keeping safe'. Your first job is to show the document below to your parents. It gives them hints and tips on how to keep you safe online. Then, you visit this website - it's called 'Thinkuknow' and it's full of clips, activities and resources that are there to help you to keep yourself safe when you are online. This is really important as you grow up and is especially important at times like this when you might be online more than usual.


Your second job is to build something! You have two choices:

- an earthquake-proof building (from lego or junk or...something else!) that Bishal and his family (from last week's story) could have sheltered in.

- create a shelter to stay safe from a giant volcanic ash cloud! Perhaps a den using garden canes and blankets or a clothes airer and bed sheets (NOT the best ones in the cupboard - ask parents first!)

I know...any excuse to build a den - I think I might join in with this one myself!!!! Send me photos of your creations on the blog!


Well, we have made it to the end of our first strange week! It's been so odd not seeing you all everyday and it's made me feel quite sad! However, the beautiful sun, your lovely messages on the blog and our Hive games have been keeping me cheerful!


Hive games - from 10am today! Look at the blog to find out the game number.


Today's challenge is to be kind: to everyone in your house and to someone you don't know. Ooooh! So, at home, please be kind to your parents and brothers and sisters:

1) Get dressed as soon as you are asked to (or before!);

2) Make your own bed;

3) Make breakfast for yourself and someone else in your house;

4) Get on with some work without having to be asked!

5) DON'T complain about being bored! Use all the ideas from this week's challenges to entertain yourself!

There are lots of ways that you can be kind and grown up at home. Your mum and dad will REALLY appreciate what you are doing! Maybe they'll call me on the very secret 'Parent-Allen Hotline' (P.A.H.) to let me know how successful you've been...  wink


How can you be kind to someone you don't know? Well, you could paint (or draw or make) a rainbow and display it in your front window to cheer people up as they pass by. You could put a teddy bear soft toy (or a drawing or painting of a teddy) in your front window so when they are doing their daily exercise, they can go on a 'bear hunt' like the story book! Or you could bake biscuits for an elderly neighbour or pop a card through the door or wave to them from your garden...lots of ways to be safe and to be kind!


I'm not going to attach any more ideas today as I'm sure with all the 'Home Learning' books, websites and daily challenges I've given you this week, you have plenty to keep busy!


Stay safe and be kind my lovelies,

Mrs Allen


P.S. It's day 3 of the Taskmaster's challenge today. Just google #Hometasking to take part.

Hello Y6!

Mrs Pickering here. I hope that you've all been staying safe and well over the last week. I've been enjoying the lovely sunshine in my garden (and doing lots of work, of course). Today I took some photos to show just how much wonderful wildlife you can see if you take the time to look around. There are lots of things bursting into new life in the Spring sunshine. I spotted some things in my garden and others on the common when I went out for my daily exercise (making sure to keep a safe distance from other people). I wonder how many of my photos you can identify? Perhaps you can let me know on our blog? Maybe you could see what you can spot in your own garden this weekend?

Stay safe everyone, 

Mrs Pickering



Morning! How was your weekend? I did lots of my normal things - went for a walk, did some essential food shopping and joined in a church service (online instead of going anywhere!)...and I had some time to play a game, cook a tasty stew (yum!) and I read one of our Y6 books. I can recommend you trying it - it's a bit of a strange story within a story!


Just like Monday last week, the new PDFs below have lots of activities for you - they should give you a few different options to try and might even give you some practice for a few days! You could either print out all of them or just choose a few pages for today. Good luck!



It's Tuesday! That means we should all be gathering together for a singing practice in order to get us ready for our Easter service - I really miss hearing all your lovely singing and seeing your smiling faces! Here is one of our favourite Easter songs - perhaps you could sing along at home! Or maybe that will just be me! frown

Today's challenge is to start to get ready for Easter. Have a look at the attachment below and follow all the instructions - easy!


Remember to blog me with any questions or comments you have and see you from 10am for some Hive fun.


Stay safe my lovelies,


Mrs Allen


Morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice day yesterday? I thought we might check back in with Michael as it's been a little while since we thought about what he was up to! The last part of Kensuke's Kingdom we read was when the Peggy Sue had been caught in a storm and Michael had been washed into the water with Stella can catch up and read on here (from Gibbons and Ghosts).


Can you carry out a scientific fair test as you build your own origami Peggy Sue boat from paper to see how easy each design is to sink? Perhaps you could load each Peggy Sue with pennies or marbles and see how many you can fit in before they sink? This YouTube clip has five different origami boats which they say float! You could try using different types of paper but keep the boat design the same or you could try different designs of boat but keep the type of paper the same.


When you've finished your investigation, you could make a storm and big waves! Perhaps do this in a washing up bowl OUTSIDE - I don't want you getting in trouble for making the carpet wet inside! Take pictures (no faces please) and share them on the blog so I can see how you get on! 


Take care and stay safe my lovelies,


Mrs Allen


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good day yesterday despite the gloomy weather?

Today we have a treat - watch the videos below and then try some of the activities! We hope you enjoy watching and doing. smiley










Stay safe my lovelies,

Mrs Allen


Well, it's now two weeks since I last saw most of you - it still feels very strange to me not to be with you all at school. How are all of you feeling? Do let me know on the blog - I'd love to hear how you are doing! If you don't want me to publish your message, just let me know and I will leave it invisible!

Your task today is to write a 'ship's log' - just like Michael did in our book. But instead of recording the countries that you have visited, like he did, you should record some of things you have been doing and some of the things you have been thinking about or feeling. You might choose to pick some of the days that you felt were particularly weird or sad or exciting or you might choose the first week or the most recent few days. Perhaps you could also tell me about some things that you have enjoyed or that you are looking forward to too. I can't wait to read what you've done - you could write it in Word and copy it into a blog post or write it straight in the blog or write it on paper and take a photo of it - you choose!


Stay safe my lovelies and Happy Easter!

Mrs Allen


P.S. Mrs Pickering will be posting you a nice weekend-y task later today and I'll be popping on some ideas for keeping you out of trouble over the Easter break over the weekend. wink